The following drawings are property of, and are provided as a service for customers of Tandem-Flow Systems, in support of their Continuous Roll Towel Machines.

Common Bolster Roll 8060A Used on machines built by TFS, and similar to the original CRT machine's DFH Bolster Roll

Rinse Section Pressure Roll item 303/7129 Used on machines built by TFS, and the original CRT machines. Mk. 5 CPM machines used 25mm bearing journal instead of 1.000 inch journal shown on drawing.

Wash Box Perforated Roller Used on all machines.

J-Box Bolster Roll item 201 Used on English-built Mk. 4 machines

J-Box Pressure Roll item 203/7913 6-groove, used on Mk. 4 and TFS-built machines

Accumulator Bolster Roll 8039 Used on machines built by TFS, in the clean-side accumulator.

I have been unable to locate drawings of the 301 and 314 Rinse Section Bolster Rolls at this time. I am continuing to look for a set.