Steam drums, end viewHere is a view of our machine's steam equipment, including the variable pressure steam regulator, which is remotely controlled by a regulator mounted on the front guard. This allows you to set the steam pressure to match the actual drying requirements of your towels. You can account for speed changes in the machine, using the Variable Frequency Drive, or for the new 100% polyester towels now being sold by Milliken.

It has been our experience with Milliken's Visa towels that they give up their water very quickly at "normal" drum temperatures, sometimes in as little as 2 of the 5 or 6 passes a towel makes over each drum. Anything beyond that is just "cooking" the towels. You can now lower the steam pressure without removing the protective panels around the steam equipment.

Our steam drums, while they do not look it on the outside, are significantly different from the originals. First and foremost is their ASME certification, which is increasingly important with insurance companies and some state agencies. The English-built machines were certified to English standards which, while adequate, aren't recognized by most agencies here. Some machines were delivered with ASME-certified drums, however; those drums were built here in the U.S. by the same company that supplies drums for us.

We have changed the pressure rating on the drums, due to some state requirements that forbid the operation of an 80 PSI drum at 80 PSI. To get around this, our drums are built and ASME-certified for operation at 100 PSI., which we then operated at 80. This allows us to set the safety valve at the same 100 PSI that the original machine uses, and still be well within safety (and legal) limits.

Our drums are also 78" wide, a full 6" wider than the drums found on a Mk.4 machine. This allows an extra pass of towel over each drum, which increases the drying capacity of the machine. Extra capacity means we can run the machine faster, for more production, and still get the towels dry.

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