Shaker screen, water tank, and link boxHere we see the shaker screen filter, lint collector box, and wash water tank. In older machines, the filtration of water going to the pump varied from minimal (round tank Mk.3 and 4 machines) to fair (square tank Mk. 5 with rotating-brush filter box).

When the Mk. 6 was introduced, it brought with it a Sweco shaker screen, because the new pump (manufactured by Grunfos) required much finer filtration than was possible with other systems. At 16 stages, cleaning the pump at regular intervals was not a pleasant job.

We use a Midwestern Industries filter, because it is relatively inexpensive, and uses a standard motor to drive it. Most filters have special motors, with offset weights built-in, and bearings designed to hopefully take the side loading. The Midwestern filter moves all that out of the motor, so that the motor lasts longer, and is easier to get repaired or replaced, if needed.

The vastly superior filtration allows us to use a wash pump with a mechanical seal, rather than a leaky packing box. It also means that the spray jets stay much cleaner.

We have also redesigned the water discharge on machines built since 1994. The original English designs discharged their water into a pit in the center of the machine. Since access to this area involves climbing over the stacker drive and then down to the floor, we moved the overflow and other drains to the outside of the machine, under the catwalk. This makes them more accessible, without acrobatics.

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