Tandem-Flow Systems was shut down as of 01 August 2006.
We are no longer manufacturing the Continuous Roll Towel machine.
Information on parts is still available, but the last of the parts we had available were sold off years ago.
This page will remain as an information resource.

Dirty CRTs in a cartLooking at the picture on the right, I see:

1. A necessary expense item we use to keep our big customers happy.
2. A potential profit center, if we could only contain our costs.
3. A current profit center that needs to be more fully exploited, if we had the capacity to handle the load.
4. Just a cart full of dirty roll towels. Why, is there something else there?

Click here to take a picture tour of the CRT Machine!If you're processing towels the old fashioned way, you probably answered 1. If you answered 4, you probably should have answered 1, whether you know it or not. And yet, it is so easy to move roll towels to the profit center side of the ledger!

Take a look at your present system - a typical laundry will use an unwinder to prepare the towels for the washer, and a rewinder to return the processed towel to roll form, so that it can be rented again. In between lay your washer, extractor, dryer, and ironer, and the labor they entail.

For less labor cost than it takes to just unwind your towels, how would you like to have them ready to rent?

We've done the math, and it goes like this: In an hour, an operator using a typical unwinder is capable of preparing 50 to 70 towels for washing. At this point, you still have the wash process itself, drying, ironing and rewinding ahead of you.

In that same hour, an operator running a Continuous Roll Towel Processing Machine can produce more than 80 towels, from rolled-up-dirty to rolled-up-clean, ready to rent, with not much more training than unwinders and rewinders require. More production, with less labor.

The bottom line is, you are paying at least 35 to 50 cents extra per towel, in labor alone, if you don't have a CRT machine. Even at just 500 towels per week, this adds up to a lot of money - money that would translate into higher profits, lower (more competitive) rental rates, or both. And labor is just one area where the CRT Machine saves you money!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the CRT machine, covering the economic advantages of treating the CRT as the specialty item it is. And please check out our CRT Walk-Around, which details the many changes we've made to the basic Continuous Roll Towel Machine. The walk-around is also available in a printable form, which requires Acrobat Reader.

NEW! Watch as a new CRT machine is born!
We have also posted an Acrobat version of our current CRT Manual (Canadian 600v version) for you to view and read. And we now have a diagram of the size and general layout of the CRT machine online.

With over eighteen years of hands-on servicing, modifying and building the CRT machine, we feel strongly that we know more about it than the people who designed the original, because we know what works in the real world!

Tandem-Flow Systems, Ltd.

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