Operator station of CRT machine This is the new operator's station. Notice that there are some things missing... Namely, some buttons and other controls.

This is because we have moved all controls that are not needed by the operator for actually running the machine out of their way, placing them on the back of the power box. This eliminates buttons getting in the way, or wondering why the one you just pressed didn't do anything useful.

One that remains is the clutch tension adjustment, but it has been recessed, to prevent "inadvertent" changes. We left it on the front panel to be convenient for maintenance personnel while testing the tension.

Foot switch for towel eject and sewing machine controlWhere is the "strap" that the operator leans against to eject the towel? It's been replaced with this rugged foot switch of our design, which uses a standard water/oil-resistant Micro limit switch inside a rugged housing, controlling a standard electric solenoid valve. We also use this switch design for the sewing machine.

Air control panelThat solenoid valve is housed in our air valve panel, which is mounted below the towel rewind area. This is where those of you who own an older machine expect to find a rat's nest of wires, commonly referred to as the power panel.

The valves chosen for this installation have proven their reliability in a number of laundry systems, from folders to extractors. Service kits are also readily available from Parker-Hannifin distributors world-wide.

We also strive to minimize the number of different parts on the CRT Machine. However, we temper this with sensibility - if the choice is using a part that is identical to another on the machine and using a different one that is easier to service in a particular location, we have gone for easy serviceability.

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