CRT- and Laundry-related web pages we've found

Darman Manufacturing Company, manufacturers of towel cabinets, winders/unwinders, and other accessories

Textile Rental Services Association Many articles on Towels, Cabinets, and everything laundry-related

Uniform & Textile Service Association Industrial laundry trade association.

Periodically, we receive information from manufacturers of the roll towels themselves. Since we do not sell towels, we will list these manufacturers as they give us their information.

Al-Farooq Enterprises
Nizam Pura Road
Chiragh Shah Town
Kasur, Pakistan
Phone: 0092-492-761572, 771572
Fax: 0092-492-764499

I.M.C. International
O.S.B. 20065 Denizli Turkey
Phone: 01190 258 269 2200
Fax: 01190 258 269 2199

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